Are you in HORECA/ QSR industry and facing storage losses?

What is ultra-high vacuum technology? Why use it?

How does the Vaculoc technology work?

What is the return on investment (ROI) on Vaculoc flexible vacuum containers?

ROI on Vaculoc flexible vacuum container depends on

Vaculoc flexible containers can last for nearly two years, provided they are used as per instructions and kept away from sharp edges.

In the event of any damage, users have the option to buy only the damaged component separately, instead of a whole new set which comprises (1) flexible container (2) cap (3) armlock (4) hand pump

What items can be stored?

All dry items can be stored in the flexible container except liquids, fine powders and those items with sharp edges that could puncture the container.

What items cannot be stored?

Currently, Vaculoc’s flexible vacuum containers are not designed for following items:

(Vacuum storage flexible container for liquids and fine powders would be launched in September 2023. To register your interest, please write to info@sparkonix or Whatsapp your details on +91 9004096806)